My Daughter’s Back to School Picks

With little less than a month until school starts, my daughter and I have been doing some back to school shopping. She will be attending SK this year so I didn’t have to buy any stationary, notebooks, and binders for school yet. Instead we focused on lunch essentials, clothing, and of course a backpack.

Like most kids, my daughter enjoys picking out a first day of school outfit. Last year letting my daughter pick out her first day of school outfit was one way of getting her excited about starting kindergarten. This year my daughter is looking forward to going back to school. Here is what she came up with this year:


1. Cool Supplies Tee – Gymboree (on sale now for $8 CND)

2. Chambray Ruffle Skirt – Gymboree

3. Multi-striped Leggings – Gymboree (on sale now for $8 CND)

4. Super comfy Mary Jane Flats –  Gymboree

5. Jasmine BackpackDisney Store (on sale now for $15 CND)

I will admit that I get a little bit nervous each and every time I let my children pick out their clothes. However, I think it is a good opportunity to let them learn how to make decisions, be independent and showcase their individuality. I  was pretty impressed with my four year old’s ability to pick a comfy yet “cool” (according to her) outfit.


lunchessentials we love

1. Jasmine Lunch Tote – Disney Store (on sale now)

2. Frozen Funtainer Thermos Bottle – Wal-Mart (food jars also available)

3. Yumbox 4 compartment and 6 compartment – Cute Kid Stuff (from $34.74 CND plus taxes)

4. SY Pink Birds Raw Linen Lunch ($31.95 CND)

5. Sistema Split Snack Box 350mL – Winners

6. Reusable Snack/Utensil Bag – Colibri ($8 CND)

You might be wondering why I bought two different lunch totes. Since my daughter is still in kindergarten, she has two snack breaks per day. The Jasmine Lunch Tote will be used to pack my daughter’s two snack boxes. Although the Jasmine Lunch Tote fits the Yumbox perfectly, it has no room for any other items. I chose the SY lunch box because it has plenty of room for the Yumbox and additional items such as a flask, utensils, an ice pack, and even an additional fruit such as an apple or banana. There is also a back pocket perfect for packing utensils and napkins.

Last year I packed utensils in a new Zip-loc bag each time. Luckily I was able to find the Colibri reusable wide snack bags which are a perfect size to carry utensils. This year we will definitely be reducing waste, as lunch will be completely litter-less!


notable purchase2

1. Ponte Pants – Gymboree

My daughter and I love these style of pants! She loves them because they are comfy and easy to put on and take off (no zippers or buttons), which is great for when she uses the bathroom at school. I love them because they are durable and retain colour well when washed. These woven pants are made of a polyester and cotton blend and feature mock front pockets, a mock fly, and mock front button as well as back pockets. Ponte pants are a lot thicker than leggings and therefore keep little ones warm during the cooler months.

2. Denim Jacket – Gymboree

Denim Jackets are a great layering piece for Fall. I love this particular denim jacket because it incorporates a little bit of stretch in it, making it very comfortable for wear and play. Gymboree’s jackets also feature a name tag on the inside which I love.

3. Colibri Reusable Snack Bag – ($9 CND)

Last year I packed a small Zip-loc bag of Kleenex, a bandaid, and tiny bottle of hand sanitizer and placed it in my daughter’s backpack. This year I choose to purchase a reusable bag and will be packing the same items in it.



Because we like being prepared, my daughter and I looked through her clothes and choose an appropriate outfit for school picture day. All the items, minus the shoes were purchased at Gymboree the previous year.

I realize our back to school purchases do not contain any school supplies, and that is because I purchase supplies that my kindergartener needs throughout the year.

Here is a list of school supplies you can purchase for your kindergartner if you don’t have them already:

  • Markers
  • Crayons
  • A pair of safety scissors
  • Gluestick
  • Pencils
  • Sharpener
  • Pencil Case
  • Construction paper
  • Notebook

Please note your kindergartener most likely will not be required to bring these items to school. These supplies will come in handy when your child is required to complete any homework or special projects. You will however need to purchase an outdoor and indoor set of sneakers.

Happy Back-to-School Shopping!



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