Interview: Udayan at Age 3

 A little over a week ago, I posted the “interview” I had with my daughter and I received a lot of positive feedback. For those of you that haven’t read it, CLICK HERE. The idea behind doing this, is so that I could have on record, a little bit about who my children were at each year of their childhood. Here is my interview with my son, who turned three, this past May.

1. How old are you?


2. What is the best thing about being 3?

Not a baby anymore!

3. What are some of your favourite things to do?

Read book, play with acca (sister), sleepover at ammama’s (grandma’s) house, help you cook and measure things for you.

4. Do you like going to play school?



Because it’s too boring!

No, it’s fun all the kids have a good time.

Not me. I DON’T like it!

5. What is your favourite food?

I like rice (with curries) and French fries with lots and lots of ketchup.

6. What is your favourite movie?

Berenstain Bears.

7. What is your favourite song?

Berenstain Bear song (I am assuming the theme song).

8. Do you like having a sister?

Yes! I want one more. Or 2 or 3 or 4 sister. (Definitely NOT happening)

9. What do you like about Amma (mom)?

You feed us and put us to bed and give us kisses.

10. What are some of your favourite things?

Money, cars, and Amma (mom).

11. Tell me something you learned to do.

Pedal my bike! And count to one hundred!

Wow, yes you did!

Thank you, we are done! 

As you can see, I didn’t ask my son as many questions as I asked my four year old daughter. Knowing that he is just a ball of energy, I didn’t want to lose his interest. I kept the questions fairly simple and to the point, and my son seemed to enjoy having a mature conversation with his mommy.


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