Project: Building a Collection of Sri-Lankan Recipes

You may have noticed this month I have posted several recipes native to Sri-Lanka, in honour of Tamil New Year which Tamils celebrated last week. You may have also noticed that Modern Day Brown Mom now proudly features a new category, South Asian Cuisine, as per popular request.

Although it has been about an year since starting this blog, one of my initial goals have always been to eventually feature cooking native to my motherland. You may be wondering what took me so long to start including the recipes that I make frequently at home. I have even received emails asking whether I even cook Sri-Lankan food at home due to the lack of Sri-Lankan recipes on the blog. Well, the reason that it took so long is because I had never followed a recipe when cooking Sri-Lankan food and therefore had none written down to copy onto the blog.

I grew up watching my mom throw things into a pot using her hands as measuring tools and somehow her cooking always tasted amazing. BUT most importantly her dishes tasted the same each and every time she made them. She made it look so easy that after marriage I took to the same approach. In speaking with a lot of my fellow Tamils, I realized that they too, fondly remember their own mothers and grandmothers cooking this way. I think that it is wonderful to know how to cook without a recipe, but when I initially got married and had to cook for my own family I had no clue where to start. I often called my mother who instructed me through the phone without proper measurements or would just send over food.

The recipes I have shared and will continue to share (as I write them down) are my own recipes that took me some time to perfect. A lot of practice and patience has allowed me to master some dishes that I never imagined I would be cooking having been born and raised outside of Sri-Lanka. Marrying a man that loves to eat has definitely sparked my interest in learning to cook Sri-Lankan food, however writing down recipes for dishes as I make them has not been happening primarily because I simply do not have the time to spend doing it. It is difficult to concentrate with my two little ones distracting me every other minute. I normally aim to cook as fast as possible and be out of the kitchen so that I can spend time with my children and attend to other chores because as all mothers know, the chores have no end. Secondly, my first attempt at a written version of the recipe NEVER turns out perfect. I often have to make one dish couple times and make the necessary adjustments to the recipe. All in all it is quite time-consuming (please bear with me as I try to accommodate the recipe requests that I have received thus far).

Cooking is an ever-learning adventure and I am excited to share with you the dishes that I have learned to make over the years of being married. However, there are many dishes unique to Sri-Lanka that I do not know how to make as of yet and sadly may never learn to make. You may be able to help me with that aspect and I will tell you how: If you have an original recipe that you would like to share, please contact me. No recipe is too small or too insignificant to include on the blog. Just to put this into perspective, five years ago, I would have been thrilled if someone had given me a recipe for parippu. It would of saved me a lot of time and burnt pots. Please note you will be given full credit for your recipe and any photos that you may wish to include. Your full name, photos, a small description of yourself, and a little something about your recipe will be featured.

Last but not least, THANK YOU to those that have encouraged me to start this new project and THANK YOU to those that like, share, and comment on posts that I share on Modern Day Brown Mom’s Facebook page. I highly encourage you all to like, share, and comment on posts that you have enjoyed reading or recipes that you have tried so that we can reach a larger audience. Perhaps in reaching a larger audience we will encounter more people willing to share their recipes. Together we can aim to build a collection of traditional and authentic Sri-Lankan recipes for the benefit of not only our generation but future generations that will be born outside of our motherland.

-Modern Day Brown Mom

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