A Poem for My Sons on International Women’s Day

Dear boy child,

Come sit in my kitchen. Let me teach you about menstruation, pregnancy, and the sacrifices made by women.

Let me tell you how to respect a woman. Let me tell you all the ways that you can honour, celebrate, and protect a woman.

Let me tell you about the smartest, strongest, and fiercest of women. Let’s discuss their achievements and the importance of equality for women.

Let me remind you that you came forth from a woman. Let me remind you never dare put your hands on a woman. Let me remind you that you are equivalent to women.

And if you shall falter from what you’ve been taught, think of me, your mother – A woman.

NOTE: As International Women’s Day approaches, here is a reminder that if we want equality for women, there is no better place to start than with our sons.

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