Birth Announcement and Story

I am happy to announce that my husband and I welcomed our son Achyuthan Vishnu Danancheyan, to this world on the night of June 6th, 2016. He arrived weighing 5lbs and 11 oz. a little over three weeks early.

Those of you who read my previous post, know that at 35 weeks pregnant I was hospitalized with severe inflammation and joint pain thought to be brought on by lupus which prompted my OBGYN to suggest delivering. At the time the baby was only estimated to be measuring a little over 4 lbs and so I hesitated and decided to wait. In retrospect I probably should have agreed with my OBGYN’s suggestion as just a couple days after I was discharged, I was back in the hospital unable to walk or stand, with a fever, high blood pressure, and swelling in my face and hands. The swelling had caused the capillaries in my legs and feet to burst and fluid to move upwards. When I entered the hospital at 8:00AM on the morning of June 6th for a scheduled non-stress test (NST), I had no idea that I would be delivering that very day. After a series of blood tests, the IV was started and before I knew it I was in a labour and delivery room.

The on-call OBGYN quickly started the induction process after ruling out preeclampsia (another serious condition characterized by high blood pressure and swelling of the extremities). The induction consisted of a vaginal insert called Cervidil which is used to ripen the cervix and kick-start labour. After four hours, the Cervidil was removed, waters were broken, and the second step of the induction process was initiated. Pitocin, a liquid medicine was given through IV drip and this time around I opted for the epidural. This was not my first induction — I was induced with my daughter at almost 36 weeks after my waters had spontaneously ruptured. Maybe I was healthier five years ago, or maybe I was better prepared mentally but I certainly do not recall my daughter’s induction being as painful as this one. By the time our son arrived, I was exhausted but eager and ready to meet him. I remember my husband jokingly asking if I wanted to do this again (with the other two kids, I asked him haha) and I can honestly say I never want to set foot in the labour and delivery department of a hospital ever again, unless it is to visit someone. To anyone wondering if we will be having a fourth, I assure you we will be not.

Everyone keeps asking us who the baby looks like and my husband and I cannot tell just yet. He definitely resembles our other two kids so much more than he resembles either one of us. We are all overwhelmed with love for our newest addition, especially baby’s big sister and big brother. They were both excited as can be to meet their baby brother and had been extremely helpful during the few days that we were home with the baby. Unfortunately our happiness was slightly short-lived as we returned to the hospital just after a few days of being at home. I am happy to say as of today, after spending a little over two weeks in the hospital, we are all back home under one roof and our beloved baby boy is now doing quite well. He is thriving by the day and God willingly he will continue to do so.

Once we settle into our new routine and get some rest, I will post an update including the reason why Achyuthan was hospitalized. Please keep my baby boy in your prayers.


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