A Poem for My Daughter on International Women’s Day

Dear Daughter,

We women are born with magic inside us. We are made of stardust and Shakthi – the divine energy of the Mother Goddess.

Do not for a second, question your power. We bleed once a month but our wombs bear the future. We embody the strength and hearts of warriors.

We come from a land where our women were fighters. Like Durga, we carry the courage to slay the most ferocious of monsters.

So when you unleash your power, make sure you roar – Once for yourself and twice for the women whose voices they stole.

Remind the world that we women are a power all of our own; A force that cannot be harnessed by no man or foe.


  • In Hindu mythology, the word “shakthi” translates to “energy/power” and it is associated with the Mother Goddess. It is also believed “shakthi” is present in all of us.
  • Durga is a warrior Goddess, created by the Gods to defeat a demon that none of the Gods themselves could defeat. She represents valour and strength.
  • My daughter, my life’s greatest blessing, Akshaya Shakthi, is named after both.

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