Exploring Downtown Toronto with Kids – The St. Lawrence Market

One of the goals I made for this year was to take the kids out to explore our city, every so often. There are so many hidden gems within our city which serve as great opportunities to learn some history or culture. During the March Break we a made a trip to the St. Lawrence Market, where we spent time learning the history of the market by reading the various captions accompanied within the picture galleries located in the market.

The children learned that a public market, then known as Market Square, had been operating on the site since 1803, that National Geographic had declared it the best food market in the world in 2012 and that the market building had been destroyed in the Toronto Great Fire of 1849.

We took a look around at all the food items the market had to offer and settled on Greek food for lunch. The kids and I tried a dish made with large Lima-like beans called Gigante beans for the first time – the kids loved it so much they asked me to replicate the dish at home. We ate lunch, had dessert, and more dessert, and bought some freshly baked breads to take home. We are looking forward to visiting again to check out the maple syrup and honey options that are available!

Check out the pictures from our trip below 🙂

To learn more about the St. Lawrence Market, including opening hours and parking, click here.

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