Caring for Houseplants

For a little over a year now, Akshaya and Udayan have been taking care of some houseplants after they talked me into letting them keep my mini indoor greenhouse in their room. I agreed because caring for plants is not only a relaxing hobby, but it also instills in the child the values of patience, responsibility, and empathy. Two plants have died in their care from over-watering but as a result the kids have established a watering schedule and take turns watering.

Caring for living things such as houseplants teaches us that all living creatures are universally connected in that we all need food, shelter and care to thrive. I always opt for easy to grow and hardy plants like bamboo, succulents, and tropical plants so they have a better chance of surviving. The kids choose the pots and add little figures. We had little wild animal figures prior to these mini dinosaurs and penguins and Santa figures in the Winter.

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