Strawberry Picking at Downey’s Farm

Yesterday we went straw-picking at Downey’s Farm and picked the most deliciously, juicy strawberries. Here are 10 things you might want to know if you decide to head down:

1) Admission is $5 per person which includes a wagon ride to the strawberry fields. The admission fee is deducted off the final total at check-out.

2) The PYO price is $3.00/lb.

3) It is best to head down earlier in the morning to avoid the heat. Remember to wear hats, sunscreen, sunglasses and drink water to protect yourself from the sun.

4) You can opt to bring your own container (no bags) instead of purchasing plastic baskets at the farm.

5) We tend to buy organic strawberries but the ones we picked were not organic. Unfortunately the organic farm we planned on going to was completely picked out for the season. However, Downey’s has a large field and still has a lot of strawberries left for picking (as of yesterday). We were really happy with our experience there.

6) On the other side of the field there is a play area with about 26 different activities for kids. Admission is $9.73 plus tax per person.

7) Unfortunately picnics are not allowed within the farm but the farm houses a market and hot dog/fries vendors.

8) The farm is open 7 days a week during the season and opens at 7:30AM. PYO usually closes at 2:00 PM on weekdays and 3:30 on weekends. The play area closes at 5:00 PM.

9) Strawberry picking season is expected to last until July 23rd.

10) Raspberry picking is expected to start July 16th. 

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