Our Visit to The 5 Drive-In Outdoor Theatre

Over the weekend we went to see the Lion King at the 5 Drive-In outdoor theatre in Oakville. It was quite an experience for all of us.

If you decide on heading to the 5 Drive-In, here are 10 things you might want know:

1. The theatre is open 7 days a week during the summer.

2. Admission is $13 per adult and $3 per kid aged 5-12. Kids 4 and under and free. On Thursdays, there is a flat fee of $18 per vehicle.

3. Tickets cannot be purchased ahead of time. Plan to arrive early to buy tickets and find a good spot before the movie starts.

4. Admission gives you access to one screen and two movies. The first movie plays at 9PM. The second plays at 11:10PM. Fortunately for us, the first movie was the Lion King. We didn’t stay for the second feature; Toy Story 4.

5. A working car radio is required to hear the movie, unless you park in the very front.

6. A concession stand is on the premises. It is encouraged that you support the theatre by purchasing food and drink from the concession stand rather than bringing your own.

7. You can choose to sit outside of your vehicle within the perimeter of your chosen parking space. Make sure to bring lawn chairs if you plan on doing so.

8. You will need bug spray, if sitting outdoors.

9. Bring blankets/pillows especially if taking younger children with you. Cardigans are also a good idea as it gets chilly at night.

10. All car lights must be turned off while the movie is playing so if you have a child that is scared of the dark, this would not be the greatest idea.

Have you watched the live-action remake of the Lion King yet?

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