Food for Thought

When I first starting sharing lunchbox ideas a couple years ago, somebody criticized me for feeding my “brown” kids “white people food.” I think according to that person, anything other than rice/curry was unacceptable for lunch which was just absurd to me. My favourite part of living in Canada, and particularly Toronto, is the multiculturalism. We have the opportunity to experience bits and pieces of many different cultures through food! I love that I am able to introduce my children to a variety of ethnic cuisine, a variety of ingredients, various methods of cooking, and different aromas and flavours. I love shopping for new ingredients at ethnic stores and markets and recreating dishes that we’ve eaten, in my own kitchen. As much as my three children love their rice, curries and dosai, they love roasted butternut squash soup, Polish pierogies, Pad Thai, pastas, Greek rice and potatoes, tacos, French crêpes, Jamaican-style fried plantains, Vietnamese Pho, and the list goes on! We are so fortunate to have so many incredible foods to choose from.Today the kids practiced using chopsticks for the first time. They’ll be needing a lot more practice 🙂

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