Arayana Shree’s One Month Ceremony

We originally planned on celebrating Shree’s 31st day at home. However my post-partum bleeding didn’t come to a stop by the 30th day so I rescheduled for the 41st day instead. Then on the 36th day my lovely monthly visitor showed up pushing the 41st day into the 45th day instead. Fortunately all went according to plan and we were able to celebrate today. Baby girl’s one month celebration coincided with my parents’ anniversary and a very close friend’s marriage making it feel extra auspicious! Although we did not invite an iyaar (Hindu priest) to the home due to COVID fears, we invited my parents and brother who happily showed up knowing they’d finally get to hold babygirl Shree for the first time. The one month ceremony as usual began with the cleaning of our home followed by sprinkling of turmeric water, showers and new clothes for all, prayers, offerings, the adorning of baby girl in gold jewelry, and a big vegetarian feast cooked by my mom and I. Despite Arayana’s one month celebration being delayed and very different than that of my other three kids, I was really happy with the intimate celebration and the love, laughter, and positive energy that filled our home today.

Also looking at this picture, it feels surreal to think these four kids are mine!

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