What My Kids Taught Me about Love & Valentine’s Day

My husband and I never celebrated Valentine’s Day in all the years that we have been together, except once. I didn’t really care about the holiday. I don’t know why I felt this way because I grew up seeing my parents exchange gifts and I remember helping my dad pick out gifts for my mom. As I grew older I even bought little gifts for my sister, brother, and mom. I even went out for lunch with my sister to celebrate Valentine’s Day before I met my husband.  Maybe due to my husband’s lack of interest in celebrating anything, I lost interest too. When I had my daughter, I realized that I wanted to celebrate every single holiday, every single milestone, and every single little thing. I never imagined how much I could love another human being.
I love my parents, family, and friends, but that love cannot be compared to the love I felt as I held my babies for the very first time and the love I feel for them daily. It’s indescribable. Each February, before Valentine’s Day I bake treats with my children, we do Valentine’s Day crafts, and make cards for our loved ones. This year, my daughter and I even made Valentine’s Day loot bags for all of her classmates. Each year I buy Valentine’s Day pyjamas, a stuffed animal, and other little things to give to my children on Valentine’s Day. This is the least I can do for the two smallest people in my life, who have taught me the most in life.
It’s nice to have young children because their love is unconditional. My kids love me past all my flaws for who I am, even on my bad days. They forgive me when I raise my voice and forgive me when I lose my patience. I see the look of concern on my children’s faces when I am sick or feeling down. They make me things, bring me things, and try to cheer me up. My kids believe in me. In their eyes I can do anything and because they think that I am invincible, I try to be. I try my best in everything that I do because of them. My children make me a better person, as I strive to be the best mom that I can be.
This year my daughter woke up and said “Happy Valentine’s Day!” and I almost cried. A few days before she gave me a picture of 12 red flowers and I thought I was the luckiest person in the world. My daughter is now old enough to understand and appreciate the holiday and I hope she continues to appreciate Valentine’s Day whether or not she has a Valentine. I hope to teach my children that Valentine’s Day is not just for couples and that it’s a wonderful thing to show love for others.
Happy Valentine’s Day!
The Loves of My LIfe

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  1. This post is very sweet. Your kids are cute.

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