Prioritizing Mental Health as a Mother

Do you guys ever feel like you’re just going through the motion of things? There are days, especially recently, where I’ve noticed myself moving about my day like a zombie. I think it’s maybe due to exhaustion as a result of sleep-deprivation or because we’re stuck indoors a lot but whatever it is, I know I want to be present making the most of each day. Sometimes switching up the routine forces you to do just that. But more than that, I think it’s important to assess why we sometimes feel the way we do. Self-awareness allows us to learn what interventions can lead to a healthier life.

When we shut down, is it the result of hunger, anger, pain, hopelessness, exhaustion, sadness or loneliness? Once we are able to recognize and meet that need, we also have the ability to get out of the rut. Last week, I took the opportunity to slow down. I disconnected from social media for the most part. I slowed down in the kitchen and instead spent that time decluttering, organizing and making space for a nature table/shelf for the kids. It’s something I’ve wanted and dreamt of doing for months but kept putting off because of the lack of time. Just doing something different from my regular day brought me so much unexplainable joy!

And today I woke up happy, motivated and ready to take on the week. I emptied the refrigerator as soon as I could and cooked up everything I had sitting from last week. The older kids were more than happy to keep an eye on the baby giving me the time needed to cook. The best thing I’ve learned to do over the last couple years is to prioritize my emotional and mental well-being. I’m definitely a better mother and human that way.

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