7 Easy Meal Ideas with Eggs for Children

Eggs with 6g of protein and 14 other nutrients, are a wonderful source of nutrition for our ever-growing children. The only problem is not all children are fond of eggs. Fortunately for us, eggs can be prepared a number of ways, and even the pickiest eaters will be sure to love at least one of the items on the following list.
1.       Whole-wheat French toast
If you have day old whole-wheat bread, why not make French toast? With just one egg, a splash of milk, a dab of butter, and perhaps a pinch of cinnamon, you have got yourself a nutritious breakfast. Pair the French toast with some fresh fruit for a balanced meal. For a variation, try making French toast with raisin bread. 


2.       Quiche
A quiche is a savoury dish that is perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You can add which ever meat and vegetables your child likes into the filling. You can top your quiche with a layer of your favourite cheese and even prepare a crust-less quiche if you so wish. The possibilities are endless!



3.       Omelette
Omelettes are so versatile; you can eat them for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and you can add whatever your toddler likes into it. My children love cheese, mushroom, and broccoli, in their omelettes. You can add anything from ham, shredded chicken, red pepper, to just carrot and peas if that is what your toddler prefers. I would recommend cutting up the additions in very small bite-sized pieces. Add a slice of whole-wheat toast or a serving of brown rice to make it a balanced meal.



4.       Hard-boiled egg
I often choose to prepare hard-boiled eggs because of the lack of oil needed to prepare it. You can serve hard-boiled eggs with buttered toast and berries for breakfast, or as part of lunch or dinner. My children love hard-boiled eggs with chicken curry and rice. My son even requests a hard-boiled egg with his pasta. If your child hates the sight of a hard-boiled egg, try slicing it or making this heart-shaped boiled egg.




5.       Scrambled eggs
Scrambled eggs are so easy to make and can be eaten with a slice of bread for breakfast or wrapped in a whole-wheat tortilla for lunch. You can fill the tortilla with cheese, ham, beans, vegetables, and even brown rice.




6.       Toad in a hole
This is an easy breakfast idea that combines toast with a sunny-side up egg. Be creative and use different shaped cookie cutters.




7.       Poached egg
If your child loves noodles, why not add a poached egg on top of the noodles? Not only does it look pleasing, a poached egg requires no oil to prepare. If your child doesn’t like the sight of an egg, cut it up and mix it with the noodles. You can also add a poached egg to any clear broth soup such as vegetable or chicken soup.



To learn about choosing the right eggs for your family and what labels on an egg carton actually mean, read the following blog post:

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