9 Ways Motherhood Makes You More Attractive


Mothers often believe that the pre-baby version of ourselves was the best version. And although we wouldn’t trade our kids for anything, we often have a hard time accepting our post baby bodies. Here are some reasons why being a mother makes you more appealing than you once were.


1.       You are more confident.


When I see pictures of myself before kids, I can’t remember ever having looked that good. But I know at the time I wasn’t entirely happy with the way I looked. Now even after all the weight I gained after having my kids, the stretch marks on my hips, and cellulite of my thighs, I feel beautiful. I am less critical of myself than I once was.


2.       You are nurturing.


Before children, I couldn’t even take care of a plant without forgetting to water it and it eventually dying. Now I am able to take care of a husband and two children. I can change a diaper without feeling nauseous. Even more, I think I actually enjoy changing diapers. I didn’t think I would be so laid-back about being vomited or pooped on, but I am, all because I am a mother.


3.       You are easy-going.


I used to have a day planner and check things off on a check-list. I planned my outfits, my projects, and my life and if something didn’t go according to plan, I became stressed and mean. Having kids changed all that not because I don’t have time to plan (because I can plan in my head and create a mental check-list), but because I realized things never go according to plan and that it’s okay. Now I go with the flow. Less stress equals a happier me and therefore a nicer me.


4.       You can do things without complaining.


Prior to kids, I used to whine about getting up early to go to lectures,  having to pull all-nighters, travelling on the TTC,  not being able to hibernate in winter, needing to go to the doctor. Yup, just about everything. Now I can function on no sleep, wake up early and sleep late, clean up mess after mess, take care of my sick family when I’m also sick, all without complaining…much.


5.       You are more patient.


I considered myself a pretty patient person before I had kids. I have since concluded that I was not because I had a hard time waiting and made hasty decisions as a result. But I definitely know that I am patient now because I can wait at a doctor’s office for four hours with two kids, and go home calmly when told my kids are just fine. I can get through days filled with tantrum after tantrum without feeling the need to pull out all my hair or strangle my child.


6.       You are out-going.


Before kids, I was an introvert. I had just a few friends. I was shy and so I avoided making eye contact with people on the street or bus in fear or having to smile or speak to people. All that has changed. I say hello to strangers and befriend other moms. I went from being an introvert to a part-time extrovert!


7.       You are stronger.


Carrying my children around and pushing a stroller outside through all sorts of terrain has made me physically stronger in ways that a gym cannot. But more so than physically, I am emotionally stronger. I was once afraid of blood tests but I managed to give birth to a child without an epidural or any other pain relief, all because I wanted to.


8.       You are a lot less selfish.


Before everything used to be about me, and it was hard not to be selfish. Now I am the last thing on my list of priorities. I probably shouldn’t be the last, but I often am because I feel anything and everything that has to do with my children or family is more important. I tirelessly do things for which I get no appreciation for, and I couldn’t be happier.   


9.       You are much nicer.


Having children has made me more empathetic and understanding, mostly towards other women and mothers. When I see pregnant women, I ask how they are feeling. When I see an embarrassed mother struggling with her kid who is throwing a fit at the store, I tell them I’ve been there and it does get better. I even try to be nice to the people that upset me because regardless of how old, ignorant, or stupid they act, they are still someone else’s baby. Yes, motherhood does do that to you.


So next time when you sadly realize that you cannot fit into your favourite pair of jeans, or that you forgot to shower, or notice a new stretch mark, or have a hard time embracing your motherly body, think of all the wonderfully attractive traits you have gained from becoming a mother. Think of the beautiful person that you have become!


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