Ian’s Breaded Fish Sticks

I try to provide my children with an organic diet but finding certified organic products, especially meat products can be difficult at times. Although Ian’s Breaded Fish Sticks are not certified organic, they are a great alternative. These fish sticks taste great, are all natural, and make a convenient snack or accompaniment to a meal.


Things to love about Ian’s Breaded Fish Sticks:

          No wheat or gluten

          No milk or casein (milk protein)

          No eggs

          No peanuts or tree nuts

          No soy

          Perfect for those with gluten intolerance

          Perfect for those with food allergies to nuts, milk, egg, or soy products

          No preservatives

          No artificial flavours

          No artificial colours
–       No Trans Fat
–       Excellent source of protein

          Made with whole Alaska Pollock fillets

          Made with 8 simple ingredients

          Certified sustainable seafood

Nutrition Information is as follows:



These fish sticks and other great Ian’s products can be purchased at Metro, The Real Canadian Superstore, and The Whole Foods Market.

To learn more about the Ian’s brand, go to http://iansnaturalfoods.com/.

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  1. I bought this for my son the other week. He told me, “mummy, this is cat food”. Hmmm, I need to go buy those chicken nuggets that you mentioned in your other post.

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