10 Little Things that Make Me Happy

My day to day life with a husband and young two kids is pretty hectic to say the least. With cooking, school runs, extracurricular activities, chores and more sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming. But if it wasn’t for all the chaos, I probably wouldn’t appreciate all the little things that really matter and contribute to my overall happiness. Here are 10 little things, in no specific order, that make me really happy!


1. Going on walks

 I love going on walks, provided that the weather is nice of course. I especially love nature walks and teaching my kids about the different seasons and things we see during our walks. It is relaxing and a good way to get some much needed exercise.



2. Bed-time stories

 I enjoy reading to my kids, especially right before bed because it is followed by tucking my children into bed, kissing them goodnight, watching them fall asleep, and realizing how blessed I truly am.


3. Cooking

 I love to cook for my family. I enjoy making my own spice blends and using the fresh herbs my husband has growing in a planter on the window sill. There is something about providing nourishing meals for my family that is immensely satisfying.



4. Watching my kids hold hands

 My daughter and son constantly fight over everything. It drives me insane especially when I have to solve disputes every five minutes. But I also get to see my children walking hand in hand every so often. Seeing the love my children have for one another makes my heart melt each and every time.



5. Sunday breakfast

 Sunday is the only day we all stay home together but Sunday is also the day I reserve for all the chores that didn’t get done during the week. Even though Sundays are usually a race to get as much done as possible, I still look forward to them. Getting to start off the day by having pancakes and eggs as a family is absolutely worth it.



6. Phone calls with my mom and dad

 My parents live just five minutes away and luckily I get to see them often. But that doesn’t stop me or them from calling multiple times a day. The first thing I do when I wake up is call my mom. The last thing I do before I sleep is talk to my dad. My dad actually calls to tell me to go to sleep. I love that even though I have my own family now, I am still part of their family.


7.  Rainstorms

As weird as this sounds, rainstorms have such a calming effect on me. I love watching the rain fall from my window but I love getting caught in summer rainstorms that just come out of nowhere and going home drenched, even more. And now I get to share that love with my awesome daughter!



8. Trips to the Whole Foods Market

 Trips to the Whole Foods Market is literally the only time my husband and I actually go out together without our kids, so that is special in itself. We often don’t have much time to just talk about anything and everything so we seize whatever opportunity we get; in this case the drive to and from the Whole Foods Market. Plus I love looking at all the amazing stuff at the Whole Foods Market.


9. Afternoons spent baking

I bake quite often and both my kids love to help measure, stir, and decorate. Things tend to get really messy really fast when they do, but I love that I get to share my passion for baking with the two little people that I love the most.



10. Morning sunshine

There is something about early morning sunshine that makes me feel happy, energized, and ready to take on the day, even if it is freezing cold outside.


Remember to slow down once in a while and enjoy the little things that might otherwise pass by without notice. Afterall it is the little things that make life special!


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