5 Frozen Foods I Love

Usually I avoid shopping at the frozen foods aisle. I don’t even cook and freeze meals. However, I do have some items in my freezer that I absolutely love primarily for their convenience and nutritional value.

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1. Ian’s Fish Sticks

To read my product review on Ian’s Fish Sticks, click here.








2. Nature Path Flax Plus Waffles

Nature Path Waffles are available at the Real Canadian Superstore and at Whole Foods Market. There are many healthy varieties to choose from. My favourite varieties are Flax Plus (10.5g whole grain, 2.5g fibre, and 2g protein per 35g waffle plus Omega 3) and Ancient Grains (2g protein, 2.5g fibre, and 15g per 35g waffle). Served with 100% pure maple syrup and fresh berries, this makes a convenient and nutritious breakfast. My children also enjoy these waffles with almond butter and jam.








3. PC Organic Frozen Peas

Green peas can be added to rice, pasta, noodles, and served as a side dish with a little bit of olive oil and chopped fresh basil or mint. I also use these peas to make mattar paneer.  My children love peas, and for that reason I always keep a bag in the freezer.











4. Ian’s Chicken Nuggets

To read my product review on Ian’s Chicken Nuggets, click here.








5. Life Brand Chicken Burger

Even though I prefer to make my own burgers, it is nice to have an already prepared one for those extra busy days. My children are too young to enjoy eating them with a bun and toppings. Instead I cut them up add it to pasta or cut it in strips and serve them with sweet potato fries.







What are some of your favourite frozen food items?


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