Exploring Downtown Toronto with Kids — Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

Last Friday, we headed downtown to Medieval Times. It was a first-time visit for everyone and we were so thrilled with the experience – the kids are still talking about it! Read on to learn more about our visit, details you might want to know before planning your visit, and to see photographs from our trip.

When booking tickets, there are three different packages to upgrade to if desired: The Royalty Package, Queen’s Royalty Package, and the Celebration Package. We chose the Royalty Package to make sure we got either the 1st or 2nd row seats so that the kids would have a clear and unobstructed view of the show. With the Royalty package you also get priority access into the arena, a VIP lanyard, and a cheering banner. The show consists of a two-hour medieval jousting tournament with six competing knights, real weapons from the Medieval times, horses, and a live flight of a falcon around the arena. It is advisable to sit still and keep your arms and banners down while the falcon is in flight.

If you are planning to head down to Medieval Times, make sure to arrive 60-75 minutes before the show, as the castle will be open to explore. The kids enjoyed meeting the falcon and the falconer prior to the show. We didn’t get the falconer’s name, but he was patient and very enthusiastic as he answered the kids’ many questions. In addition to meeting the falcon, we were able to check out the displays and view the horses. Knights and other cast members are available for questions or autographs after the scheduled show. The Dungeon houses the Museum of Torture which displays torture devices from the Medieval Times. Entry is an additional $2 CND per person and is absolutely not recommended for young children.

Perhaps the most notable feature of Medieval Times, is the four course meal which guests are to eat with their hands. Once our tickets were scanned, we were able to choose vegetarian meals instead of the chicken that is usually served. Allergy accommodations can also be made. The regular meal consists of tomato bisque, garlic bread, roast chicken, herbed potato, buttered sweet corn, and dessert. The vegetarian option includes tomato bisque, pita bread, carrots and celery with hummus, a bean stew, and dessert. Our server was generous enough to provide the vegetarians in our group with corn, garlic bread, and herbed potatoes. We were served quite large portions which were all surprisingly very delicious! We had absolutely no complaints and were able to take home leftovers in a bag. As a nice gesture we tipped our server as she truly went up and beyond to provide us with exceptional service.

Check out more of my favourite photographs from our visit below:


  • Children under 3 are free, provided that they sit on the laps of their parents and eat from their parents’ plates.
  • Parking downtown is $13 CND.
  • The majority of show times are at 4:30PM or 7:30PM.
  • The show is not suitable for those that are sensitive to strobe lights.
  • Those with asthma should take caution and have inhalers easily accessible to them.
  • A group photo is S20 plus tax, unless included in your ticket package.
  • Groupon, often has great deals for tickets to Medieval Times.
  • Medieval Times is currently having a promotion for up to $32 off per person.

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