To Those Who Birth Daughters

Your daughter will be born 
With fire in her heart 
A force to be reckoned with 
She should be told so from the start 
But the world will make her doubt 
The vastness of her power 
Convince her she is fragile enough to shatter 
And in need of a knight in shining armour 
As if a man’s love is the only way to complete her
Slowly extinguishing the flames within her 
Covering her in a veil of deceit 
Until she can see no further 
Than what’s been sold to her 
When you notice that fire starving 
And the flicker in her eyes dimming, 
Teach her to build herself up 
Like a fortress, from the ground up 
On affirmations and self-love 
So those flames remain burning  
For that fire is her shield and sword 
And her protection from the world 
The origin of her strength  
And the courage to slay dragons 
She will go on to weave her own inspiring tale 
In which she saves herself and prevails 
From your daughter, expect no less 
For she is both warrior and princess.

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