The kids are working on their reflections of 2019 by reading through last year’s gratitude journal. We also worked on personal and family goals for 2020.

As a family our goals are to:

1) Go on a hike/nature walk once a week. I tend to stay home in the winter because I have a strong aversion to cold so this one is mainly for me.

2) Commit to game night once a week. The kids suggested this as a screen-free way to spend quality time together in addition to our weekly movie nights.

3) Follow through with a 30 day sugar detox. I have been meaning to do this for a long time now. We eat a fairly nutritious, balanced diet however during the holidays we often indulge way too much. We hope to eliminate all processed sugars from our diet for 30 days. Doing this as a family means motivating eachother as well as holding eachother accountable.

4) Buy/waste less. We have gotten really good at this. We hardly have kitchen waste however we’d like to cut down on plastic water bottle use this year. I’m hoping to cut down on my online Amazon purchases and only buy what we really need.

5) Get our home library organized. Last September, we sorted through all our books and donated the ones that we were done with. This year, we hope to replace our old bookshelves which are falling apart and organize our books in a more efficient way.

6) Attempt more vegan meals and vegan substitutes. As a family we eat a predominantly vegetarian diet, however we plan to take that one step further and add vegan meals into our weekly rotation. Eventually Udayan and I would like to become vegan so this would be an amazing way to start as well as the meat-eaters of our family to consume less meat/eggs.

7) Allocate time at the end of the day to journal/read/practice yoga/meditate together. The kids have been doing this already but I tend to quickly finish up chores, do other things while they rewind. I hope to make this a family thing as children often follow and maintain habits by example.

I’d love to hear some of the goals you have set for this year. May you all have a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2020!

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