These two have been waiting to use a microscope ever since we bought one so this week we’ve been doing just that. Yesterday they learned about the parts of a microscope and what they do, how to correctly hold a microscope, and how to calculate magnification. We also learned to focus using already prepared slides. Today we prepared an onion skin slide and took a look at it under the microscope. I took it a step further and let them draw what they saw, which led to questions about the parts of the cell. Our next lesson will be on the parts of a plant cell and what better way to learn that than with a 3D build-it-yourself model I found on Amazon.

In other news, so much progress has been made on the kids’ study space. I’ve been getting a lot of DMs in regards to the study area and I’ll definitely share the space once it’s done. I just need to put up some shelving but haven’t had the chance to go to Home Depot yet. 

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