Achyuthan Vishnu (using both names here because I use his first and middle names interchangeably and I always receive DMs asking who is who), just turned 3.5 years old. At this age my other two were quite advanced. Akshaya had started reading, my eldest son had been reading for half an year, and could count to 100 by two years of age and was practicing simple addition. My dear Vishnu has had so many hurdles to overcome as a baby, and he was often behind at the regular milestone check-ups. The last thing on my mind was teaching him to count, spell, or write. I needed him to walk, talk, gain weight, grow big enough to reach the pedals of his trike, outgrow seizures, sleep through the night, and develop his gross and fine motor skills – Those were my biggest concerns.

By God’s grace Vishnu has gotten to a good place now and I can finally concentrate on actually educating him. He has learned his letters quite well (has yet to learn them in order) and can count and recognize numbers up to 20. I don’t push him; he learns at his own pace but when he shows interest, I jump on it. This September he will be ready for the Ontario kindergarten program and since alot of you have been asking me to share the activities I do with Vishnu, I’ve decided to share our kindergarten prep, including resources/tips&tricks, that I will doing with him in my highlights. Feel free to follow along or skip. The pictures/videos will be of low quality; our day starts early and usually it’s gloomy and dark when we start, so if anything cannot be easily seen don’t hestitate to ask. Also keep in mind, I’m not a teacher – I’m just a mom passionate about learning and educating my little ones.

How many of you have kids beginning school for the first time this year? If you have questions or suggestions as to what material I should share, please leave them in the comments below. 

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