“Why Don’t Cars Run on Apple Juice?” – REVIEW

Over the past few months, we accumulated some new and exciting books that I’ll be sharing over this month, starting with this book gifted to us from the Ontario Science Centre.

Last September, the Ontario Science Centre published a book titled “Why Don’t Cars Run on Apple Juice?” written by Kira Vermond and illustrated by Suharu Ogawa. The book features 50 science questions asked by kids that visited Toronto’s Science Centre and answered by science experts. The questions cover topics such as the Earth, space, human body, animals, history/future, and more such as “How does gravity keep us down?” to “Why can’t humans breathe underwater” to “What happens in a black hole?” Recommended for children ages 7 to 11, this bright and colourful book with cartoon illustrations really captured the interests of both Akshaya and Udayan. If you have a curious child/children who love science this book is definitely a great read. “Why Don’t Cars Run on Apple Juice” is a great addition to any home library and makes for a wonderful gift for the older kids in your lives (Valentine’s Day is coming up!). I tend to buy books as gifts for my kids for Valentine’s Day rather than candy/chocolate. Anybody else do this?

NOTE: This book is available for purchase in hardcover format for $19.95 CND at Indigo.

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