A Little Sister for Akshaya

Ever since Akshaya was born, I dreamt of her growing up with a little sister. My own little sister is 15 months younger and not only did we grow up side by side, we shared the best childhood, a room until we were nearly adults, and so many secrets only sisters could keep and laugh at a decade or two later. Although we don’t see eachother often now, we don’t go without talking. My sister is the best aunt to my four kids; always loving, spoiling, and cheering them on beyond measure. A sister-sister bond is like none other and I desperately wanted Akshaya to experience that.

When I became pregnant for the second time, I secretly hoped I was pregnant with a little girl. Instead I got Udayan and the third time around, Achyuthan – two perfect little boys but at the same time still not a sister. Three kids later, I was pretty certain that I was done and that another little girl was not in the cards for our family but Akshaya continued wishing and praying for a little sister. It seems as if the universe heard her because I became pregnant again anyways.This time around when I announced my pregnancy to the kids, as much as they were excited for another sibling, Akshaya openly expressed that she hoped it would be a little sister. Actually her exact words were, “I hope I don’t end up with a hundred brothers like that wolf-pup Winnie from Hotel Transylvania.” Fortunately for Akshaya, she did not end up like Winnie; partially because there is no way I can birth 100 brothers but mostly because she finally got her little sister.

Akshaya has been by Arayana’s side ever since I brought her home from the hospital. She helps me fold baby girl’s laundry, bathe her, change her, and essentially care for her. She reads and sings to her. Although they have a nine year difference between them, I just know they’ll develop a special bond that will carry onto adulthood – at least that is what I hope for my girls.

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