Apple-themed Week

This week, our lessons will be apple themed! Our week began with an excursion to the farm to pick apples yesterday. We picked Empire, Gold delicious and honeycrisp apples as they were ready for picking at Downey’s Farm this week. In language we will be writing a recount about our trip to the orchard and an acrostic poem. In science, we will be studying how apples grow and learning about the various varieties. We will also be sprouting apple seeds. Hopefully by summer, we’ll have at least one sapling to plant.  In cooking we will talking about apple varieties that are best for baking. We will also be making apple sauce, apple crisp, candy apples, and possibly an apple pie! In art we will be painting a few varieties of apples and apple blossoms with watercolours. I couldn’t really think of apple-related math for the older kids other than adding or subtracting word problems, however Vishnu will be completing a number correspondence activity using red fingerpaint to add the correct amount of “apples” on an apple tree. He will also be creating patterns using the varieties we picked.

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